Rudy Ellenbogen

Dispensary CEO

Originally from Peru, Rudy has been a CEO of several companies, the latest Verde Natural in the cannabis industry which Rudy build from a small Medical dispensary to become the largest Organic Cultivator in Colorado. His success is preceded by several awards including The Grow Off (flower), Rooster’s THC Classic (concentrates) and Westword (dispensary). Overall Rudy’s companies thrived because of his emphasis on the unified relationship between executives, managers and the employees creating a “win-win” culture.

Rudy’s proven experience as a successful operator includes business strategy, facility design and construction, cultivation, extraction and retail operations and team building. He realized that most companies don’t have the same standards of what’s important – their people – and rather are driven by profit over purpose. Rudy believes that the future of the cannabis industry is at stake and he wants to make sure that it doesn’t become corrupt by corporate greed like the health industry or food industry. YOUR success is the only way to ensure that cannabis does the good it can do for the world… and that’s why he is on a mission to take purpose driven cannabis companies to the top.